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It is necessary that you protect your Privacy and we support you in this respect. We have a policy of verification of your identity before you are allowed to use the full facilities of our website.
You can choose how we collect and disseminate your information in line with our strictcodes of information practice under the general guidelines of the Data Protection Law.
You will find references to ourTerms and Conditions.
This Policy covers all information which we gather or you submit voluntarily to 2-2tango in the course of your normal membership administration.
The release of information which you choose to broadcast yourself is essentially out of ourcontrol and this 2-2tango cannot be held responsible for any matters therefore arising.
Typical information involves your personal profile data and an email address. We do not disclose your financial data or any other data by which a person may trace your identity or exact location.
This data is used in the normal administration function of our website and is necessary to verify your registration and to communicate with you in the course of normal email traffic.
We have no requirement to allow that information to be passed for third party use of whatever type.
We have certain robust precautions in place to limit or prevent any unauthorised access to your data and to maintain accuracy of content. These are updated to the best of our ability and are in accordance with electronic precautions available at the time.
You have the right to change or alter any of your details with our Administration section by use of the appropriate contact routes shown on the website.
No course of action will be taken by Administrators of our website which enables us to collect any personal data which was not intended for us to view.